How iResponse Works

Getting started and using iResponse is fast and simple!



iResponse is Cloud-based

That means once we have an agreement in place, you can instantly access iResponse and begin using the software to conduct your own Section 106 consultations.


Login and Begin

iResponse walks both you and your client through the entire process, from a new consultation request, through the review process– even if field techs are needed– helping you manage stalls in the process, all the way through the creation of a final findings letter.



Let iResponse do it For You!

If all this isn’t easy enough, our highly experienced iResponse team can conduct your consultations for you, saving you virtually all the time and effort.


Everyone Wins!

You’ll save time, money, and aggravation while preserving, defending, and protecting what’s important to you! Industry gets the direction they need. And government loves the efficiency and greater communication. Go iResponse!